Monmouth County Divorce Lawyers

Protecting the rights of New Jersey clients during divorce

When going through the difficult process of divorce, you need strong advocates by your side to protect your interests and achieve the best possible results. The divorce attorneys at Jacobowitz & Defino, P.C. possess more than 100 years of combined experience in divorce law. Because our firm focuses exclusively on family law, our experienced lawyers have the most up-to-date, sophisticated knowledge about:

  • Division of the marital assets
  • Allocation of marital liabilities and debts
  • Post-judgment order
  • Support agreement

    The aim of every case is to negotiate a contract known as a property settlement and support agreement in as quick and financially reasonable a method as possible. This agreement defines the parties’ rights to alimony, child support, equitable distribution of assets, custody arrangements, time sharing, college, medical issues and life insurance payments.

    Child custody and visitation

    When parents divorce, their children are typically their primary concern. Parents must decide who will retain custodial custody or fight for their right to do so. Arranging visitation and parenting plans can often cause substantial disputes. There is no greater emotionally charged area in family law than child custody. Our goal is to defuse the emotions and create an atmosphere that permits all parties to proceed rationally to accomplish what is in the best interests of the child.

    Child support

    Each parent also must consider the financial ramifications of seeking child support or having to make monthly payments to a former spouse. Our lawyers understand the important child-rearing issues that are central to the outcome of divorce proceedings and create solutions that protect you and your family.

    Spousal support

    The firm presents to you a computer analysis of the amount of support you can expect to receive or pay. We also explain to you the tax implications so you understand how much money you actually have in pocket to live.

    Division of marital assets

    You accumulated assets and debts during your marriage. Divorce requires you to split your property, often a complicated task unless you have the assistance of a qualified professional. After reviewing your assets, we precisely explain your rights under New Jersey family law and devise a clear plan of action for protecting your property during your divorce proceedings. Our experienced real estate lawyers can advise you on the best options for equitably dividing your marital home.

    Post-judgment orders

    Other issues often arise often after a divorce is finalized. Our goal is to handle these post-divorce issues in as financially reasonable a way as possible — usually avoiding court. On occasion it is necessary to present these issues to a court through a motion. In these cases, we give you as clear a picture as possible so you can decide whether the cost of what you seek to achieve is worthwhile. Relocation issues occur when the custodial parent must move. We attempt to guide either party through the emotional and financial thickets of this issue by clearly laying out for you the existing state of the law and what can be achieved so you do not spend a fortune tilting at windmills.

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