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Divorce does not always require a hostile courtroom battle. Often couples can negotiate an equitable settlement through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques. ADR provides opposing parties with a formal setting — yet more flexible than the courtroom— to build effective parenting plans, arrange custodial and visitation agreements, divide assets and decide other crucial divorce issues.

The family law attorneys at Jacobowitz & Defino, P.C. represent clients in all forms of ADR to assist them in resolving disputes in the most cost-effective, efficient and stress-free manner possible.

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With more than 100 years of combined experience, our lawyers know your rights. Our law firm focuses exclusively on family law to provide you with effective advocacy that achieves your objectives. We litigate and negotiate divorces every day and can accurately anticipate the final outcomes of your case through:

  • Trial
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Collaborative divorce

Our lawyers explain to you the benefits and risks of trial and ADR proceedings, and we direct you toward the best means of obtaining an equitable divorce decree.

Benefits of alternative dispute resolution

Although a trial is sometimes the best means for protecting your rights, ADR often is the most beneficial method for divorcing couples. Advantages of ADR over trial include:

  • Mediation, arbitration and collaborative divorce methods are less expensive than litigation
  • You can finalize your divorce more expeditiously through ADR techniques
  • Negotiations promote cooperation and amiable relations with your ex-spouse
  • Your children benefit from their parents’ more congenial divorce
  • You control the outcome, rather than letting a court decide

If ADR is the best option for you, we carefully prepare your case, negotiate on your behalf, protect your rights and guide the settlement toward your desired goals.

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